This fast, easy editing method shows you step-by-step how to kill 24 common words and phrases that weaken your writing in fiction and memoir!

I’ve had writers in my classes say, “Oh, I’ll just hire an editor to edit my book.

Really? And what is your budget for that?

Professional editing is not cheap.

If you want to hire an editor—and when you feel you are COMPLETELY FINISHED with your manuscript you should pay a qualified person to look at the work—you will need to budget anywhere from $3/page to $40/hour.

And that’s the low end.

You only have to google “average editing costs” to verify what I’m talking about.

But YOU CAN CONTROL THE EXPENSE. By editing as well as possible yourself, you can drastically reduce professional editing costs.

It just makes sense—to me, at least—that the less work your editor has to do, the less expensive it will be.

Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to apply to your writing now!

I’ve kept THE BIG RED POWER PEN EDITING SYSTEM: KILL THESE 24 WORDS as simple and concise as possible, with practical information you can APPLY RIGHT NOW to your manuscript. That’s why this isn’t a 75,000-word, 300-page reference book!

THE BIG RED POWER PEN EDITING SYSTEM: KILL THESE 24 WORDS contains 286 examples of sentences from real first-draft manuscripts strengthened by this system.

These examples will show you exactly how you can strengthen your writing using THE BIG RED POWER PEN EDITING SYSTEM!

They show you how little words like and, then, just, some and 20 others in many uses can make your sentences passive, wordy and weak.

What’s so special about this book?

I’m Carolyn V. Hamilton and I help aspiring fiction and memoir writers like you create their best stuff. In my classes and coaching sessions I show writers specific ways they can strengthen their writing.

Now, I have nothing against our high-school English teachers. They gave you a strong writing foundation and—hopefully—instilled in you a love of reading and writing.

But the language of books today is fast and straightforward. You’re not writing a term paper here.

We live in a binge-watching-Netflix world, where we want our entertainment fast and furious, if you’ll forgive me for capitalizing on the popular Vin Diesel movie series.

This means that a lot of little words used in written sentences DON’T REALLY HAVE TO BE THERE. Removing them speeds up the pacing for your reader, and makes YOU a stronger contemporary story-teller.

So I wrote THE BIG RED POWER PEN EDITING SYSTEM: KILL THESE 24 WORDS to help you be just that.

Get your downloadable pdf copy and get started right now on strengthening every single sentence in your manuscript!




“Thanks so much, Carolyn, for your Big Red Power Pen editing system. By eliminating all those pesky extra words, it’s transformed my writing from having a boring passive voice to a vibrant, active one.” Trish LaPlaca

“I found your information to be extremely helpful. As you say, while writing, I seldom notice the words: like, and, as, then, etc, when my eyes sweep passed them.  Your explanations are clear and make sense. Your advice about using the Word edit/replace option is excellent. I plan on keeping your ebook, The Big Red Power Pen Editing System, close at hand while writing my book.” Ren’e Fedyna