Are you curious about cooking with cannabis?

Then you’ll love this Cannabis cookbook. It’s got 25 easy cooking and baking recipes including the CLASSIC MAGIC BROWNIE recipe.

A lady “ of a certain age” MarieJeanne introduced us to cooking with cannabis, or as she calls it “cannabis cuisine.”

That sounds soooo French, don’t you think?

But really MarieJeanne has been cooking and baking for more decades then we’ll mention here, And sharing her cannabis recipes with friends who suffered from nervous tension, backaches, headaches, aches and pains in their joints, high blood pressure, and just about any other life malady you can think of.

Now we are not saying food made with cannabis is going to cure all these things. We want to be clear about that.

We’re just saying that MarieJeanne and her French friends have been successfully and happily cooking and baking with Cannabis for decades and feeling better for it, and this cookbook she’s created can help you do the same.

If you’ve never made brownies or cookies or pie with cannabis you are in for an enchanting treat.

MARIEJEANNE starts with teaching you how to create the four basic ingredients you’ll need.

Your four basics are Cannabutter, Cannaflour, Cannaoil, and Cannamilk. With these FABULOUS FOUR you’ll be able to make all your favorite dishes. Not just brownies, but blueberry pie, banana bread, chocolate ice cream, coffeecake, muffins and pancakes, sugar cookies and even Whoopie pie!